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Things to learn in 2019 - Part 1


The list below are my current goals to learn during the year (at least to an intermediate level).

  1. React
  2. Redux
  3. Express
  4. GraphQL / Apollo
  5. Chart.js
  6. Node.js
  7. Docker
  8. Azure Functions
  9. Azure Cosmos DB
  10. ML.NET / Azure ML

So what’s my reasoning behind learning these specific technologies?

Well, basically I would like to get up to scratch building modern web apps using the MERN stack (switching out the M with Azure Cosmos DB since it has a MongoDB API). Might as well have gone for Angular or Vue.js instead of React but the latter felt most intuitive based on my initial experience. Adding Chart.js to be able to draw some nice looking charts in my applications.

Also adding a few .NET backend components to be able create analytical content with Azure Functions and ML.NET or Azure ML. I like the idea of a “headless architecture” where the front end (presentation) is separated/decoupled from the back end (content exposed through APIs).

I will try to combine most of the technologies from the list into one single project since that’s the way I usually learn the best. Sources of learning are usually the official documentations of course, but I can also recommend Codecademy’s interactive online courses and Packt’s books and videos (runs occasional sales where you can really make a deal).

Also writing this as a part 1 since I aim to create a follow-up (or many) during the year with my learning experiences.

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