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iCloud Custom Email Domain - Configuration for Outlook Mobile

Since Google decided to shut down the excellent free G Suite that I used for years I had to find an alternative. Google Workspace is ridiculously priced for a family domain and unfortunately Microsoft has also removed the option for personalized email addresses in Outlook.com / O365 Family.

After sifting through numerous other alternatives I settled on Apple’s Custom Email Domain with iCloud Mail, pretty easy choice in the end since it’s a lot of bang for the buck and easy to setup.

The only little snag I ran into was setting up the mail account in my Outlook Mobile (Android). Setting it up as an iCloud provider was easy but then it automatically used my @icloud.com address and no option to change that to my custom address but after numerous tries I finally found the correct configuration via IMAP.

Apple ID App-specific Password

First you need to setup an app-specific password at appleid.com as described here.

Outlook Mobile Configuration

Email Address: daniel@example.com
Display Name: Daniel Wikar

IMAP Host Name: imap.mail.me.com
Port: 993
Security Type: SSL/TLS
IMAP Username: <your-account>@icloud.com
IMAP Password: <your-app-specific-password>

SMTP Host Name: smtp.mail.me.com
Port: 587
Security Type: StartTls
SMTP Username: <your-account>@icloud.com
SMTP Password: <your-app-specific-password>

Using StartTls as the Security Type for SMTP was the key in getting it to work.

Also confirmed to be working with the excellent K-9 Mail and should work with any third-party client supporting SSL/TLS + StartTls.

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